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Choosing Fenwicks

Asking the right questions

Before choosing an agent there are many important questions you need to ask. After all, you are conducting an important job interview with your potential agent.

Questions such as:-

Are you a skilled negotiator?

No agent is going to answer no! So you must ask for evidence such as sales results / statistics, knowledge of principles of negotiation, examples of how they would be used to benefit your sale etc.

How can you guarantee me that every buyer will pay their highest price?

From our observations as many as 9 out of 10 buyers never pay their highest price because of the lack of skill of the agent and/or the wrong method of sale. At Fenwicks we can guarantee that every buyer will pay their highest price.

Will you guarantee your price quote?

Such that if you don’t get the minimum we agree to, we don’t pay you your fee? The great majority of agents will not give this guarantee on their own advice on price – at Fenwicks we do.

If things go wrong and you fail to do what you said you would can we terminate our agreement?

When you sign a typical agency agreement you are locked in for the duration, you cannot get out of it. Not at Fenwicks. We have a dismissal clause.

What would you say if a buyer asks: Why are they selling? Is the price negotiable? Will you present offers? Do you have a letter of offer?

The wrong answers to these questions can seriously damage the value of your property: – We give the right answers. Call us and we’ll tell you what they are.

What is your average selling period and sale price in our area?

A competent agent should keep these statistics:- We do.

At Fenwicks, we have the right answers to all these and other important questions you must ask as a seller.

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