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Our Guarantee

We will sign a written guarantee of risk free selling

When even the purchase of a $60.00 stainless steel kettle comes with a guarantee, why not a guarantee for the sale of arguably the most valuable asset you own?

Our home sellers guarantee is a written promise that you will be safe from all the tricks and traps of real estate practice that could cause you to have a bad experience, lose money, or both.

At Fenwicks we put our money where our mouth is

It’s our way of demonstrating our absolute commitment to ethics in real estate and risk free selling. That’s why we sign the guarantee before you sign with us.

When we sign this document we are promising:-

  • That if in spite of our best efforts we do not achieve a sale price at or above our guaranteed minimum we forfeit our right to a selling fee.
  • That we will not use a price lower than our agreed asking price to promote or market your property.
  • That you can dismiss us as your agent if we fail to deliver the service we promised.

You might be surprised and perhaps as appalled as we, to know that only a hand full of agents in Adelaide give such a written guarantee. Our advice is, if an agent won’t sign such a guarantee – don’t sign with them.

At Fenwicks we can assure you that by signing this guarantee we make a commitment to work a lot harder for you than any other agent ever will.

Download the Guarantee (30 Kb PDF)

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