Reasons To Seriously Consider Fenwicks

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Reasons To Seriously Consider Fenwicks

Below are reasons why you should seriously consider using Fenwicks.

Honest Quoting

You receive a guarantee that the selling price you are quoted will be honest and accurate. If your home sells below the price quoted, you will not be charged any commission. This means you can trust our quote.

Don’t Sign Anything – until you are given a guarantee on the quoted selling price.

Fair Go Fees

Fenwicks sales people are trained negotiators and this means a better price for your home. The extra you receive should more than cover the selling fee. When choosing an Agent remember the “cheapest” Agent is not the one who charges least it’s the skilled negotiator who obtains you the highest price. When an Agent discounts their fee to win your business, it often means they lack the skill to get the highest price from the buyers.


Typical real estate advertising damages the value of your home. As your agent we will protect the value of your home by only bringing it to the attention of buyers who are genuine and qualified. At Fenwicks we do not work with bargain hunters. If advertising sold your home you would not need an agent. Perhaps you may be better off selling without an agent. It’s not as hard as you think.

Don’t Sign Anything – until you know the value of your home is protected.

Respect for You and Your Property

As your agent we protect your privacy and your reasons for selling. Buyers will never be encouraged to offer a low price for your home. We encourage you to mystery-shop our agency to see how we place such a high importance on respecting home sellers and protecting their interests.

Don’t Sign Anything – until you are guaranteed that you personal details are protected.

Secure Inspections

You have our commitment that no one will inspect your home unless they have been identified and they are genuine buyers. You will not have hordes of strangers or neighbours coming for a ‘sticky-beak’. Your personal security is something we take very seriously. The only buyers who should ever come to your property are those who are ready to buy now, want to buy in the area, and whose requirements are accurately matched to your property, and who can afford your asking price.

Don’t Sign Anything – until you are guaranteed no bogus inspections.

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