Thank you sincerely for all your efforts and assistance in the sale of 33 Bosanquet Avenue. I appreciated your patience and promptness in answering all my queries and in making it a painless process.



Peter Fenwick and staff are family and families stick together. Thanks Peter.



Just a good job all round. Thanks.



Being in Brisbane, we weren't sure how the process of selling our home in Adelaide would go. However, Anthony was fantastic from start to finish.

He provided us with an excellent painter / maintenance person to polish up our home, he provided great suggestions on improvements that could be made, he did his research, he kept in consistant contact and he ended up with an amazing sales result.

The whole process was easy in the end - Thanks to Anthony. I never felt any hard lined sales speak from him, just open and genuine honest communication.

Selling our home ended up being a good experience for us. A team effort from all involved.

Thank you.

Nerrida & Paul


A very professional Company. We particularly liked the ethical standards set and maintained by Peter and the team. Thank you.



System of selling is efficient and benefits both buyer and seller.

How would you rate the courtesy of our staff? Excellent

Peter Hirst

Gulfview Heights

We could not have received any better service and support from the Team at Fenwick Real Estate. Their professional approach from our initial enquiry to the sale of our home was commendable.

We felt valued as a customer, as if we were the only customer at the time.

Responses to our requests / questions were dealt with promptly and with patience. We felt our family home of 29+ years was presented in the best possible light that ensured a quick and realistic sale; and a better overall result than we anticipated.

Thank you.

Gaye & Warrick


As an Executor one is naturally drawn to the auction process for the disposal of real estate for its perceived transparency regarding the best price on the day. However this may not necessarily be the case. Having carried out my due diligence as to what this property might achieve in terms of price and how best to present it to the market I was skeptically leaning towards giving the listing to Fenwicks - even though their preferred method of selling is by negotiation but with their own unique and particular refinements to the process.

I was of course delighted when Peter came to me with a sale contract on the property less than a week after I had given instruction indicating my asking price. I'm very happy to say the contract was for the full amount and Fenwick's guided the process with professionalism and courtesy throughout. I would not hesitate to recommend Peter and his colleagues for anyone requiring the services of a competent agent to sell their property.



I would like to sincerely thank you for selling our home at 68 Milner Street, Prospect, so very efficiently and successfully. As you know we recently purchased another home which we were fortunate enough to buy for a very reasonable price. And admittedly in the end we thought the agent we purchased the home from was actually working for us, which made us realise how much we didnt think selling a home via open inspection was in the seller's best interest. Mostly due to the fact we knew there was very little interest in this particular property, which therefore gave us great negotiating power (too much power).

Thankfully, someone recommended we contact you for an appraisal for the sale of our own home, and we soon realised you had a great knowledge of the local area. But admittedly the main attraction to choosing you as our agent was the fact you also didnt believe selling a home via open inspection was in the best interest of the seller. The other main attraction was due to the fact you didnt negotiate on price with the buyer. The buyer has one opportunity, and one opportunity only to offer a price, hence their highest offer would be on the table, as opposed to a negotiation method whereby you market a property within a given price range, and therefore the vast majority of the time I'm sure your first offer would be on the conservative side, and then it's the agents resonsibility to try and negotiate on your behlaf to achieve the best possible price. However we were always aware that it makes very little difference to the agents profit whether they get you that extra $50K, but its that extra $10K-$50K that can make a huge difference to the seller.

So we would sincerely like to thank you Peter, and your team, as I know at all times you were working for us and no one else (unlike the agent we purchased our new home from). I was extremely impressed you already had prospective buyers in your database, and made contact with them immediately. Our house went on the market last Friday; the potential buyers came through on the Sunday, and then submitted their offer on the Monday. I was honestly expecting our home would be on the market for a couple of months, but in the end it was less than a week, and we gratefully received more than we were expecting.

We are now hoping to renovate our new project and even though it's not in your local area, I still believe you would be the right choice to sell our next home, as I know I can always trust you to look after our best interests. So I'm sure I'll be in touch again in 5 or so years.

Rebel & Sean


Faultless service, sale went as planned. We were happy to have had the services of someone not only experienced but also wise about the business he is in and the market in which it operates



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